Man Struck and Killed On Socrum Loop Road On Saturday

John Novas, a 64 year old man was crossing North Socrum Loop road in Lakeland on Saturday when he was struck and killed. Seventeen year old Layton Stein of Lakeland was driving a 1995 Ford south on North Socrum Loop road when he apparently struck Mr. Novas. Mr. Novas was transported to Lakeland Regional Medical Center where he passed away. Police are still investigating this tragic event. Roads are dangerous enough when a person is in a car, surrounded by metal and the latest life saving technology. When walking and trying to cross the road the danger factor grows exponentially. Lilly, O’Toole & Brown represents injured pedestrians and their families in unfortunate situations like this. As a word of caution a person can never stop looking for oncoming traffic when they cross the road. Look for approved crosswalks if available. If not, be careful of traffic coming both way and quickly cross the road even when no oncoming vehicles are seen. Better safe than sorry.