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Read about our case results to learn how Lilly & Brown, LLP have helped hundreds of clients recover the compensation they deserved after a personal injury. Securing multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements, we have a strong track record of success. We make it our top priority to be client-centered, fighting for your good.
    • Motorcycle Accident $12,000,000

      Brain injury to a 26 year old male.

    • Sick-Building Illnesses $9,500,000

      For 183 Polk County Courthouse employees (including Judges and lawyers) against general contractor, architect and multiple subcontractors for sick-building related illnesses.

    • Automobile Accident $6,500,000

      Jury verdict on behalf of plaintiff against a County for negligent design of an intersection after other settlements were previously obtained with private landowners. Plaintiff was left a quadriplegic as a result of the automobile accident.

    • Motorcycle Accident $6,250,000

      20-yr-old motorcyclist in Naples hit by vehicle changing lanes illegally, resulting in significant cognitive brain injury.

    • Orthopedic Injury $5,950,000

      Settlement for Mulberry Man versus Trucking Company for orthopedic injuries.

    • Wrongful Death $5,000,000

      A Hardee County verdict involving a claim by the parents of 35 year old resident at a brain injury rehabilitation facility, who died as a result of positional asphyxiation from negligent restraint during the course of a search of his room for snacks allegedly removed from the kitchen.

    • Drunk Driver Wrongful Death $2,800,000

      70-yr-old retired Lakeland resident killed in motor vehicle crash by drunk driver

    • Nursing Home $2,200,000

      For surviving spouse of 79-year-old nursing home resident, including $1,700,000 in punitive damages

    • Wrongful Death $2,000,000

      MVA – Wrongful death of 21 year old female

    • Wrongful Death $2,000,000

      Wrongful death of a 24 year old female

    • Orthopedic Injuries $1,800,000

      Settlement for Frostproof Biker versus Citrus Company for orthopedic injuries.

    • Failure to Diagnose $1,700,000

      For tennis pro for failure to diagnose tumor behind left knee, resulting in insertion of metal rod and loss of function and mobility

    • Wrongful Death $1,530,000.00

      60-yr-old Lakeland bicyclist hit/killed by vehicle driven by golfer who just left City-owned golf course bar – sovereign immunity claim with insurance coverage issues relating to a liquor endorsement on policy insuring City’s operation of course/bar

    • Wrongful Death $1,375,000.00

      Wrongful death of a 74 year old male

    • Wrongful Death $1,350,000.00

      Settlement in wrongful death of man who was struck by automobile while he was working on night-shift of road construction crew

    • Pelvic and Internal Injuries $1,275,000.00

      Pelvic and internal injuries to a 48 year old male (policy limits)

    • Bicycle Accident - Broken Leg and Complications $1,250,000.00

      For youth pastor hit by car while cycling. Treatment of broken leg resulted in osteomyelitis and contraction of Hepatitis C

    • Lower Extremities Injuries $1,250,000.00

      MVA – Lower extremities injuries to a 58 year old female

    • Medical Error - Paralysis $1,200,000.00

      Representation of a Plaintiff against a surgeon and anesthesiologist for their negligence in the conduct of surgery to repair a thoracic aneurysm. The negligence resulted in the paralysis of the plaintiff.

    • Wrongful Death $1,135,000.00

      Wrongful death of a 18 year old male (policy limits)

    • Injury from Car Accident $1,050,000.00

      Uninsured Motorists claim for Lakeland man with broken leg in motor vehicle accident – multiple surgeries following complications

    • Head/facial and Lower Extremity Injuries $1,000,000.00

      Head/facial and lower extremity injuries to a 61 year old male (policy limits)

    • Motorcycle Accident - Broken Bones with Complications $1,000,000.00

      Settlement for motorcyclist struck by automobile. Client suffered broken leg and knee injury with complications due to pre-existing diabetes.

    • Bus Accident Injuries $1,000,000.00

      Settlement immediately prior to trial as a result of personal injuries sustained by a porter at a Greyhound bus station who was run over by a bus departing the facility

    • Personal Injury $1,000,000.00

      MVA – Lower extremities injuries to a 17 year old male

    • Wrongful Death $1,000,000.00

      MVA – Wrongful death of 18 year old female

    • Wrongful Death $1,000,000.00

      MVA – Wrongful death of 35 year old male (policy limits)

    • Wrongful Death $1,000,000.00

      MVA – Wrongful death of a 52 year old female

    • Wrongful Death $1,000,000.00

      Wrongful death of a 73 year old male (policy limits)

    • Wrongful Death $1,000,000.00

      Policy limits settlement during jury selection for widow of a nursery worker

    • Wrongful Death $1,000,000.00

      For widow and child of City of Lakeland lineman vs. manufacturer of bucket truck for electrocution death resulting from negligent design

    • Wrongful Death - Truck Accident $962,106.86

      For widow of 82-year-old man killed when his vehicle was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer

    • Truck Driver Accident $935,000.00

      For truck driver who struck a vehicle which pulled out in front of him, resulting in the roll-over of his tractor-trailer

    • Wrongful Death $900,000.00

      Wrongful death of a 48 year old male (policy limits)

    • Wrongful Death $850,000.00

      Settlement just before trial on behalf of children of dentist murdered in his office by gunman allegedly hired by his widow, who was convicted of capital murder

    • Personal Injury $850,000.00

      Pregnant woman tripped on a tent stake at outdoor festival, severely injuring her back, leaving her with partial paralysis and chronic, disabling pain

    • Nursing Home Failure to Treat $850,000.00

      Representation of the surviving spouse against the nursing home for failure to identify and properly treat multiple decubitus ulcers resulting in sepsis and death

    • Wrongful Death $800,000.00

      For widow and child of sign painter killed when his painting pole contacted power lines

    • Wrongful Death $800,000.00

      MVA – Wrongful death of an 80 year old male

    • Nursing Home Failure to Treat $775,000.00

      Representation of an elderly plaintiff against a nursing home for its negligent failure to follow treatment directions resulting in the dehydration and subsequent stroke resulting in partial paralysis

    • Auto Accident - Wrongful Death $750,000.00

      For 3 adult children of 80-year-old gentleman killed in intersection collision.

    • Neck Injury $750,000.00

      Neck injury with surgery to a 26 year old female

    • Facial/dental Injuries $695,000.00

      Facial/dental injuries to a 23 year old male

    • Truck Accident $685,000.00

      For truck driver rear-ended by another truck when attempting to make a right turn.

    • Severe Injuries - Vehicle Accident $658,484.69

      For man who sustained multiple injuries when hit head-on by a vehicle attempting to pass traffic in a “no passing” zone

    • Wrongful Death - Motorcyclist $650,000.00

      For widow and child of motorcyclist killed in intersection collision

    • Punitive Damages $602,000.00

      Verdicts for 2 teenagers for compensatory and punitive damages against roofing company for negligent hiring of employee with poor driving record years earlier in another State

    • Head Injury $600,000.00

      Head injury to a 45 year old female

    • Sternal Injuries $550,000.00

      Upper and lower extremity and sternal injuries to an 80 year old female

    • Wrongful Death - Malfunctioning Traffic Light $550,000.00

      Settlement for the husband and son of a lady killed in intersection collision due to a malfunctioning traffic light

    • Orthopedic Injuries $525,000.00

      Orthopedic injuries suffered by Lake Wales man in Brandon, FL MVA

    • Neck and Back Injuries $500,000.00

      Neck and back injuries to a 28 year old male

    • Lower Extremity Injuries $500,000.00

      Lower extremity injuries to a 41 year old female

    • Child Vision Loss - Airbag $500,000.00

      For 8-year-old girl in front seat who lost partial vision of left eye resulting from airbag deployment after accident impact

    • Eye Injury $500,000.00

      Eye injury to a 14 year old female

    • Back and Neck Injuries $500,000.00

      A $500,000.00 verdict arising out of an offset head on motor vehicle accident, involving significant back and neck injuries to the plaintiff

    • Back Injury $500,000.00

      Back injury to a 17 year old male (policy limits)

    • Car Accident- Arm and Eye Injuries $475,000.00

      For teenager passenger of car that struck garbage truck – arm and eye injuries

    • Slip and Fall Injury $455,000.00

      Slip and Fall for RSD hand injury to 65 year old female

    • Soft-Tissue Injuries - Car Accident $450,000

      For man with soft-tissue injuries from intersection collision with British tourists driving rental car

    • Motorcyclist Dismemberment and Injury $450,000

      Representation of the Plaintiff whose motorcycle was struck by a motor vehicle resulting in multiple, severe pelvic fractures and the amputation of the right leg

    • Nursing Home Failure to Treat $425,000

      Representation of Plaintiff against a nursing home for negligent failure to obey the medical directions of the surviving daughter to intubate father resulting in his death

    • Back Injuries $425,000

      For college student working summer job at phosphate plant, who sustained back injuries in “trap door” fall

    • Back Injury $400,000

      MVA – Back injury to 24 year old male

    • Severe Injuries - Truck Accident $400,000

      For man who was T-boned by a tow truck which ran a red light, which resulted in knee injuries, fractured ribs, neck and back injuries and lacerations

    • Trip and Fall - Broken Sidewalk $350,000

      Elderly lady tripped and fell when she caught her shoe in a broken sidewalk outside a restaurant, suffering a fractured pelvis

    • Ortho/neuro Injuries $300,000

      Ortho/neuro injuries suffered by Winter Haven man in Lakeland MVA

    • Wrongful Death - Car Accident $130,000

      32 year old Army veteran was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle while stopped for another accident on I-4 resulting in his death.

    • Wrongful Death - Failure to Follow Murder Lead Confidential Settlement

      For widow of man killed by stepson and friends – based on negligence of Polk County Sheriff’s Department to follow-up on a lead which may have prevented the murder

    • Wrongful Death - Fallen Tree Confidential Settlement

      For father whose wife and 2 children were killed when a rotten tree in right-of-way fell on the family’s pick-up truck on a windy day – claim vs. State/County/City for failure to trim or remove tree

    • Wrongful Death of Family - Defective Tires Confidential Settlement

      Family of college student killed when tire tread separated in car in which she was a passenger. Vehicle lost control and hit a tree. Confidential settlement reached with tire manufacturer.

    • Wrongful Death - Reckless Driver Confidential Settlement

      For father of 2 teenage sons killed as passengers in single-car accident after the driver was allowed to leave the scene of a stop for careless driving – Claim vs. Sheriff’s Department for deputies’ failure to detect that driver of the vehicle was DUI

    • Car Accident - Defective Design/Manufacture Confidential Settlement

      Claim vs. Chrysler for defective design/manufacture of steering mechanism resulting in single-car crash with bridge abutment

    • Car Accident Injury Confidential Settlement

      Settlement during 2nd trial (following hung jury after 1st trial which lasted 3 weeks) for a woman injured during a roll-over of her Jeep