Polk County Is Getting Rain Be Careful Out There

October is never a month for a lot of rain (unless there is a late season hurricane) but this year is even more dry than normal. Well below average rainfall has led to brown lawns, lower lake levels and less practice driving on wet pavement. Today is apparently changing all that and tomorrow should be more of the same. It has been raining in some part of Polk County for the past few hours and will continue to do so off and on for the rest of today and part of Saturday, before cooler weather and, again, no rain rules the day. Until then however it pays to remember the rules of the road. It can not be emphasized enough how taking a few extra minutes to get where you need to be can make all the difference. Not being in a hurry will allow time to properly observe what is going on around you and give you the time to make decisions while driving without worrying about being late. Texting and cell phone usage should be saved for when you get to your destination (another good reason for leaving a few minutes early). Driving defensively will aid you in getting to your destination safely and with minimum stress.