Too Many Children Are Harmed by Medical Mistakes

Too Many Children Are Harmed by Medical Mistakes

According to researchers of a recent study, 1 out of 15 hospitalized children are harmed by accidental overdoses, medicine mix ups and bad drug reactions. This alarming rate is significantly higher than what was originally estimated.

It is difficult enough when parents have children in the hospital and this new statistic only compounds their fears. The study showed that there were multiple drug treatment mistakes made with some children. These medical mistakes can cause serious harm to patients and medical providers need to be held accountable. Parents are justified in their concern regarding the care their child is receiving from the hospital.

A new method of detection was used in the study that promoted an in-depth review of the patients’ care. Charts were analyzed to pinpoint drug-related events. Researchers looked for signs of drug overdoses, suspicious side effects and certain lab tests. Some hospitals are now using the same detection method to determine how many harmful drug related events occurred. Hopefully these hospitals will be able to decrease the number of patients injured by medical errors.

Parents trust that their children are going to receive the best care possible and they rely on the expertise of doctors, nurses and other medical staff. This study shows that too many medical errors are being made and as a result, young patients are harmed. Some experts believe that the rate of drug treatment mistakes may be even higher as only 960 children were studied at 12 different children’s hospitals. The study didn’t include general community hospitals where most children are treated.

The article, “ 1 in 15 Hospitalized Children Are Harmed By Medical Mistakes” has more information about the study.