Contesting a Will in Florida

It is never easy losing a loved one. Even if your deceased family member made all the necessary preparations to ensure that those left behind were taken care of, there is still no way to fully prepare for the emotional grief that accompanies their death.

Many people create wills before they die so that their family members will know what their plans are with their estates. Most of the time, the will reflects their true intentions. However, sometimes factors can affect the creation of a will, which can leave some rightful beneficiaries without the inheritance in which they are entitled.

If you have lost a loved one and you believe that his or her will is not what it should be, you may be able to contest the will in Florida. Whether you were left out of a will when you should have been a beneficiary or you did not receive your full inheritance, you should seek the help of a Florida wills lawyer.

There are some situations where a will can be challenged. For example, if the testator, who is the maker of the will, lacks mental competency or if it appears that he or she was coerced into making the will, you may be able to challenge it. Also, if there is an improper execution of the will, it could be considered invalid.

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