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Thousands of Drivers Killed in Drunk Driving Accidents in 2008

Thousands of Drivers Killed in Drunk Driving Accidents in 2008

There is no question that getting behind the wheel drunk is a bad idea. Just look at the statistics and the number of fatalities every year caused by alcohol-related accidents. The latest figures show that 8,027 drivers lost their lives in drunk driving accidents across the country. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a driver with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of only 0.05 percent has an increased probability of getting into a fatal accident. Reaching a 0.05 percent BAC doesn’t take much.

As you can imagine, the higher the BAC, the higher the risk of dying in a car accident. In 2008, 5,897 drivers were killed who had BACs of 0.15 percent or higher. Younger people seemed to be more likely to be involved in a fatal or nonfatal alcohol-related accident than older drivers.

Motorcyclists are also at risk of dying in a fatal accident if they have consumed alcohol before riding. In fact, alcohol was a major factor in many of the motorcycle accident fatalities in 2008.

A drunk driving accident is usually catastrophic and leads to devastating injuries. If you have been injured in a Tampa car accident caused by a drunk driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact the Law Offices of Lilly, O’Toole & Brown, LLP at 863-683-1111 for more information.