Florida Insurance Claims Sudden Damage Vs Maintenance Issues

Homeowners insurance may cover a range of damage to your Florida home, such as water damage and storm-related damage. However, an insurance company will assess the damages beforehand to determine if the damage sustained was sudden or due to poor maintenance issues. A Florida homeowners insurance claim may be dismissed if damage to your home stemmed from lack of care or poor maintenance.

Distinguishing Between Sudden Damage and Poor Maintenance

Homeowners insurance will typically pay out on claims related to sudden damage, such as water heater or appliance explosions, and burst water pipes. These are considered as sudden damages. If, however, an internal leak from old piping or a continuously dripping air conditioner is the reason for the explosion, it may be considered as poor maintenance, since these conditions deteriorated over a period of time.

If the damage is considered a maintenance issue and not sudden damage, the homeowners insurance will not pay out on the claim. It is the “cause” of the damage that will determine whether or not your insurance will pay for the claim.

For instance, if the roof of your home was damaged in a Florida hurricane, this doesn’t mean your claim will automatically be approved. An insurance adjuster may argue that your roof was already in poor condition, and the damage to your roof was not directly caused by the storm, but rather by deterioration over time. Additionally, if your roof starts to leak because of a defect in the building’s construction, your homeowners insurance policy will typically not cover that damage.

Filing a Florida Homeowners Insurance Claim

Even if you are uncertain about whether or not an insurance company will pay out for a particular type of damage, you should still go ahead and file a Florida homeowners insurance claim. Even if your insurance agent does not believe the damage is covered in your policy, remember that agents are not insurance claims professionals and that damage may in fact be covered under your existing policy.

You can also contact a Central Florida insurance claim lawyer who can properly evaluate the basis of your claim and, if necessary, defend your interests through a lawsuit.

Protect Your Home Through Continuous Maintenance

To ensure that your Florida homeowners insurance claims are paid out as they should be, you should take the necessary steps to properly maintain your home. Air conditioner units and all large appliances (such as washing machines, etc.) should receive routine inspections and maintenance. Likewise, your roof should be checked twice each year.

During a Florida hurricane, it’s not uncommon for trees to fall and damage your home, so it is important to keep any trees on your property properly trimmed.

Contacting a Central Florida Insurance Claim Lawyer

The Central Florida insurance claim lawyers at Lilly, O’Toole & Brown understand the complexities involved in filing a Florida homeowners insurance claim. We are committed to protecting your best interests and helping you collect the damages you deserve.

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