What Not To Say To Insurance Company Claims Adjusters

Any claims adjuster from the insurance company is only looking out to protect the company’s bottom line. The claims adjuster has been specially trained to ask you tricky questions designed to damage your Florida truck accident claim. It is their job to ensure that you settle for as little money as possible on your claim. The more reasons the claims adjuster can find to downplay your damages (or their client’s liability), the lower your settlement offer becomes.

When speaking to the claims adjuster, keep your statements factual and say only things that you know can be proven. If the answer you’re about to give contains “I think” or “It may have been,” you probably shouldn’t say it. The insurance company is looking for any shred of doubt that you were faultless in your Florida truck accident.

The questions from the claims adjuster will attempt to get you to admit more than you should, or create doubt in your answers as to whether you were partially at fault for your truck accident. The goal of the insurance company is to make you look like you had more responsibility for your Florida truck accident than their client, the truck driver.

Before speaking to a claims adjuster or anyone else about your Florida truck accident, you should visit our article library to learn more about dealing with insurance companies after a truck accident.

Saying too much to a claims adjuster could be a mistake that could cost you your claim. Avoid these easy mistakes by seeking the advice of a Florida truck accident attorney.

Before accepting any estimates, agreeing to any settlements, or signing any release waivers, they should be looked at by a Central Florida truck accident attorney. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Lilly, O’Toole & Brown LLP can advise you through the stages of your truck accident claim and help you negotiate a fair settlement.

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