How Do I Know If There Is a Sinkhole On My Property

There are a few reliable signs that might indicate a sinkhole on your property. Listed below are some of the hallmark signs of the presence of a Tampa sinkhole:

  • Cracks in the floor, ceiling, or in the walls of your home;
  • Depressions in the ground surrounding your home;
  • Abnormally slumping trees or fence posts; and
  • The sudden formation of small ponds.

If you see these signs, and suspect that there is a sinkhole on your property in Florida, you need to notify your homeowner’s insurance provider right away. Your insurance provider will be required to take a geological survey. To do so, they will send an expert to conduct geological tests.

These tests may use Ground Penetrating Radar, as well as a drilling rig which will be used drill a hole into the earth. These tests may take several weeks to determine whether there actually is a sinkhole, but if there is, your insurance provider will be required to cover the damages.

If it is determined by the insurer that there is no Florida sinkhole, you may want to have your own study conducted. Your insurer may do whatever it takes to avoid paying your claim, which in extreme cases, may involve misrepresenting the test results.

If you have a problem getting the money you deserve in a Florida sinkhole damage claim, you may want to get the professional help of a Tampa sinkhole attorney.

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