Texting and Cell Phone Usage in A Florida Truck Accident

The use of cell phones has become an increasingly dangerous risk for drivers in the United States. This is especially true on Florida highways, where big commercial trucks are commonly the most dominating vehicles on the road. Due to the risks that cell phones pose to drivers on Florida highways, the Florida legislature recently proposed a texting ban for truckers. But the legislation failed in a 2010 session, and there are currently no state prohibitions on cell phone usage while driving.

In January, however, the Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a federal texting ban for truckers. Effective since January, truck drivers who text while driving a commercial vehicle may face a fine of up to $2,750. In an earlier move in October of 2009, President Obama signed an order banning federal employees from texting while driving federally-owned vehicles or equipment. Needless to say, the rules on texting while driving are becoming more serious every year. In you have been involved in a Florida truck accident due to a driver who was texting, you may be eligible for damages in a Florida truck accident claim.

To pursue damages, you can get the professional help of a Florida truck accident attorney.

Texting statistics

According to a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, drivers take their eyes off the road at an average of 4.6 seconds for every 6 seconds they spend sending or receiving texts. Similarly, the DOT states that a driver who is texting will have traveled the length of a football field during those 4.6 seconds. And this is without having their eyes focused on the road. This makes drivers 20 times more likely to get into an automobile accident. In light of the danger, some companies such as FedEx and UPS have issued their own texting ban for truckers.

While Florida had yet to legislate a statewide texting ban for truckers, 19 U.S. states have banned texting by all drivers. And there are currently bills in congress to extend this legislation nationwide.

If you have been in an accident with a commercial truck

Its no secret that commercial trucks are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. If you have been in an accident with a commercial truck in Florida, then you may want to be compensated for your damages and personal injuries. It would be in your best interest to contact an experienced Florida truck accident lawyer who will protect your rights. Florida has a statute of limitations that may prohibit you from filing a lawsuit if too much time has passed. Call nowto schedule a FREE evaluation of your case – 1-888-984-4878.