The Basics of Filing a Florida Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The Basics of Filing a Florida Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The Florida wrongful death act states that the personal representative who is named in the victim’s will can file for wrongful death. If no one is named, a representative can be appointed by a formal court of law. Generally speaking, this will be one of the victim’s surviving family members.

Why should anyone file a wrongful death claim?

By filing a wrongful death claim in Florida, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. These damages can include medical and funeral expenses, any anguish you may have suffered, and for losses including guidance, companionship, and the victim’s future wages.

How can I file a Florida wrongful death claim?

To file a wrongful death claim in Florida, you will need the help of a Florida wrongful death attorney. You should try to choose an attorney who has experience proving similar wrongful death claims in court. A qualified Florida wrongful death attorney will guide you through the necessary procedures, help you build your case, and negotiate the value of the damages you’ve incurred.

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