Truck Driver Negligence and Florida Truck Accidents

While every driver on the road is obligated to act with responsibility and care, one could argue that a truck driver is particularly charged with a duty to operate in a safe and diligent manner. In fact, truck drivers are governed by specific laws put forth by the federal government in order to protect themselves and everyone else on the road.

Because of the immense size and weight of commercial trucks, tractor trailers and semis, a truck driver wields more power than the driver of a passenger vehicle. Chances are good that if you are involved in a Florida truck accident, you will experience a serious, life-alerting injury and may need to seek compensation through a personal injury claim.

With that in mind, truck driver negligence plays an important role in any Florida truck accident involving injury or property damage. If you are struggling to pay medical bills after a serious crash, you may choose to work with a Florida truck accident lawyer to determine if there are issues of truck driver negligence that could affect your injury claim.

Types of Truck Driver Negligence

Every accident is unique, and the circumstances surrounding your truck crash need to be carefully examined. In the course of investigating your claim, your Florida truck accident lawyer will want to determine if truck driver negligence caused or contributed to the crash.

Listed below are some of the most common types of truck driver negligence that are implicated in truck accidents:

  • Driver error – This includes aggressive driving behavior, speeding, not using turn signals, tail-gating and other acts that endanger the safety of other vehicles.
  • Inspection issues – This includes a driver failing to properly inspect the truck and cargo before a route and at appointed times throughout the route.
  • Improper loading of cargo – A truck driver who operates with an overweight load, an improperly balanced load or an improperly secured load.
  • Driving in adverse road conditions.
  • Disobeying federal law that dictates how much sleep and rest a truck driver must have before operating a commercial truck.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or driving drunk.

If any of these factors played a role in your truck crash and resultant injuries, you may be able to seek compensation from the truck driver and/or the trucking company responsible for the accident.

Contacting a Florida Truck Accident Lawyer

A Florida truck accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your truck crash, including the trucking company’s records as well as the driver’s work history and log books among other evidence to determine any negligence involved.

A Florida truck accident lawyer at Lilly, O’Toole & Brown can help you sort through the often overwhelming issues that may present themselves in the course of a truck accident claim. We are committed to protecting your best interests and helping you collect the damages you and your family need and deserve to move on with your lives. Contact our firm today to schedule your consultation; (863) 533-5525.