Insurance Claims Common Home Maintenance Checks

To recover compensation for your Florida homeowners insurance claim without any delays, you need to take certain steps to ensure that your home is properly and consistently maintained. That way, your insurance claim cannot be denied based on pre-existing conditions like a deteriorating roof or pipe that has been leaking for months. This is because your Florida homeowners insurance claim will likely be denied if an adjuster finds that the damage to your home resulted from poor maintenance as opposed to sudden damage.

On the outside of your home, you can do the following maintenance checks:

  • Roof inspections – professionals recommended that this be carried out at least twice every year;
  • Deck inspection - loose nails and screws are common;
  • Air conditioner inspections – leaking is common with A/C units and routine checks can prevent future deterioration; and
  • Trim trees - make sure any trees on your property are properly trimmed as falling branches can easily damage your home, especially during a storm.

On the inside of your home, you should perform the following maintenance checks on a regular basis:

  • cracked or leaking pipes;
  • any signs of leakage in the roof or ceiling;
  • broken washing machine hoses;
  • gas leakage;
  • leaking internal A/C units;
  • electrical problems with other large appliances; and
  • issues concerning water heaters and air filters.

Contacting a Central Florida Insurance Claim Lawyer

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