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Attorney Lilly Spearheads Sex Abuse Claims Against Polk County Schools

When school districts fail to protect their students from potential predators, they can be held accountable for that failure through civil litigation. That’s exactly what our attorney Kent Lilly has strived to demonstrate in two recent lawsuits against Polk County Public Schools, for the sexual abuse of two female students by a former Mulberry High School teacher.

Sued by the families of two different teenage girls for inappropriate texting and sexual assault, respectively, 34 year-old Jason Argo was convicted of sexual battery and lewd battery on a minor in August 2017, and is currently serving out a 12-year prison sentence. In the lawsuits against Polk County Public Schools, both families alleged that the school district did not appropriately track teachers who were being investigated for sexual abuse, which led to the abuses against their own children.

Asking for $10,000 in the inappropriate texting lawsuit and $175,000 in the sexual assault lawsuit, our attorney Kent Lilly has been able to make the case that the Polk County Public School district was negligent. Although the Polk County School Board still has yet to fully approve these offers, which were settled out of court last month, we’re hopeful that the families will soon receive some degree of restitution for these heinous crimes.

Fighting for Victims of Sexual Abuse

Teachers who exploit their students through sexual abuse must be held accountable by our criminal justice system, but the civil justice system can often provide even more immediate relief for both the victims and their families. In securing fair recovery against their abusers, many sexual abuse survivors are able to find a degree of comfort, and gain the financial freedom to seek therapeutic treatment.

At Lilly & Brown, LLP, our sexual abuse attorneys in Lakeland can represent those who wish to hold their abusers – or the negligent organizations that enabled them – accountable for their actions. With dozens of million-dollar recoveries won for our clients and an AV Preeminent® Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®, we can draw on years of experience to fight for your sex abuse claim.

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