Polk Roads Could Be Helped by Economic Stimulus

President-Elect Barack Obama is proposing an economic stimulus package that could provide millions of dollars and thousands of jobs to all of Florida, including a large chunk for Polk County. A hefty part of this stimulus package involves road work which is desperately needed throughout Polk County. Some roads need to be paved, some roads need patchwork. There are sections of Lakeland and Winter Haven that have been waiting for years to be widened or additional lanes to be added. What this type of work means to the average commuter is a short period of frustration when construction begins but followed by traffic relief when the road being worked on is completed. Additionally, with new construction completed drivers can usually expect better road conditions leading to safer driving. No longer distracted by pot holes, crumbling road shoulders and general deterioration, the driver can focus solely on the task at hand, staying safe for themselves and for other drivers and passengers.