Attorneys and Insurance Companies Agree Uninsured Motorist Coverage Is Key

Usually attorneys who represent injured people and insurance companies don’t see eye to eye. But there are a few issues which are important to both groups, but maybe for different reasons. One of these is uninsured motorist coverage. This is coverage that goes beyond what is commonly referred to as “full coverage”, a misnomer because the coverage is actually very limited, not “full” in any way. But uninsured motorist coverage provides a much needed benefit to the insured. As attorneys we are often confronted with a situation where a person has been seriously hurt by another driver, yet the other driver has no insurance and no ability to pay for the injuries they have caused. If the client has uninsured motorist coverage, the client’s own insurance will step in and provide the client with an opportunity to pay medical bills, cover lost wages and provide some stability in an unstable situation. The insurance companies endorse the idea of uninsured motorist coverage because of the obvious situation above and another as well: increased coverages equal increased premiums which increase the bottom line. But whatever the reason we all agree, for the small increase in premium there is much greater peace of mind.