Be Prepared for Thanksgiving Traffic

The Holidays are upon us, along with crowded shopping centers and traffic backed up for miles on the highways. Even with the economic troubles people are going to travel in record numbers to reconnect with families and spend some time with friends. Because there will be so many people on the roads (some have already started their travels) previous advice bears repeating. With travel of any distance you will want to make sure your vehicle is in good repair. Take it to a mechanic you trust to give your vehicle the once-over. The mechanic can replace worn parts and belts, put on a new set of plugs and generally make sure you can handle, vehicle wise, sitting in traffic for what seems like forever. Bring board games or that new movie for the kids to watch. And be patient. Lots of car crashes could be avoided if we simply took a little more time and watched out for one another. Keep the Holidays in mind and try to give that other driver, the one that just cut you off, the benefit of the doubt. Avoiding the crash means getting to the party and having a good time.