Dui Driver Charged With Manslaughter

Leah Whidden, a Mulberry resident was arrested on Tuesday, October 14 and charged with DUI manslaughter as a result of a car crash that happened in May. Whidden was driving her 1999 Jeep when she lost control and began spinning. The Jeep then flipped and and struck another vehicle, whose driver is apparently being charged with DUI as well. Whidden had two passengers in her car that were ejected, it is unknown whether they were wearing their seatbelts. One of passengers died two weeks following the crash, resulting in Whidden’s arrest. This situation combines two of the worst things about car crashes that Lilly, O’Toole and Brown investigates: drunk driving and failing to wear a seatbelt. Even with more heavily enforced DUI laws, people still make the unfortunate decision to drink and drive. Impaired abilities result and all to often people get hurt or killed due to this negligent act. Failing to wear a seat belt is asking for an injury. Never ride with a driver who has been drinking and always wear your seatbelt.