Florida City Leads Nation in Slip and Fall Deaths

In a study just released from the National Safety Council and Forbes West Palm Beach was determined to have the highest rate of slip and fall deaths in the entire country. In fact, according to the study Florida leads the nation in accidental deaths of all kinds, from poisoning, automobile crashes, accidental medical overdose and slip and fall deaths. Some states have cities with a higher per capita number, but no state beats Florida when accidental death is considered. Specifically as it relates to slip and fall injuries, most often this is due to flooring imbalance or some type of liquid on the floor itself. While the old adage “look where you are walking” certainly holds true, a person has a right to expect that when they go to a place of business the premises will be reasonably safe. And when at a business, take a look around. Businesses don’t want you to watch where you are walking, they want you to look at the shelves, the displays and the merchandise. In exchange, it should not be too much to ask that they keep the floors clean, should it?