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Uninsured Motorists in Florida Grow in Numbers Florida 5th Highest in The Countr ...

A recent survey showed Florida is ranked 5th in the entire country in the number of people driving without insurance. The chance of being struck by a person driving without any insurance at all grew this past year and the chance of being struck by a person driving with only minimal insurance is even higher. Unfortunately, as the economy continues to get worse more and more people are forgoing coverages they previously had or are just not renewing their insurance. It is against the law in Florida to drive without at least Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage coverage. But more and more people feel it is their right to drive even while violating the law. Even more are having problems paying their bills and will cut into this critical area of protection. Do not depend on the negligent driver to be covered. Contact your agent now to discuss protecting you when struck by a negligent driver without adequate coverage.