Florida Car Accident Statistics the Numbers Are Frightening

Every time you get behind the wheel, you are at risk of being involved in a Florida car accident. According to the latest statistics in Florida, there were 256,206 traffic crashes in 2007 alone. That means that on average, there were 702 crashes each day.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles presents an annual Florida Traffic Crash Statistics Report that contains information from the Department’s crash database, which is compiled from traffic crash reports from Florida and local law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement officers are required to submit a long-form crash report when investigating accidents where there was a death or personal injury, if someone left the accident scene when there was damage or if alcohol or other controlled substance was a factor.

Below is a summary of the traffic accident statistics in Florida in 2007:

  • Drivers involved in accidents – 366,917
  • Mileage Death Rate (per 100 million vehicle miles traveled) – 1.57
  • Traffic deaths – 3,221
  • Fatal traffic accidents – 2,947
  • Injuries from traffic crashes – 212,149
  • Accidents resulting in injuries – 135,601
  • Accidents resulting in property damage only – 117,658
  • Alcohol-related accidents – 22,823
  • Drug-related accidents – 1,252
  • Pedestrian accidents – 8,129
  • Bicycle accidents – 4,847
  • Motorcycle crashes – 9,205

According to the report, drivers ages 15 to 19, were involved in more traffic accidents than the other age groups and had more fatal crashes. Drivers, ages 20 to 24, had the highest rate of alcohol-related accidents and within that age group, 21-year-old drivers had the highest involvement rate in all crashes and in fatal crashes involving alcohol.

The report also examined the day and time of crashes in Florida. Based on the data, most traffic accidents occurred on Fridays during the 5:00 PM hour. The majority of fatal crashes happened on Saturdays during the 7:00 PM hour.

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*Source: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles: Traffic Crash Statistics Report 2007.