Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits

Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you were injured in a Florida car accident, fall, assault or by a defective drug or medical device, you sustained what is known as a personal injury. Personal injury is a legal term used to describe an injury to the body, mind or emotions. It does not include damage to property.

In a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff is accusing the defendant of committing some type of negligence that led to the personal injury. Car accidents, defective product accidents and slip and falls are the most common types of personal injury. When someone is injured due to medical malpractice, whether it was caused by a doctor’s negligence or hospital error, that person can have a personal injury claim and can pursue compensation.

Work-related accidents and occupational injuries also fall under the personal injury category and include such illnesses as asbestosis, mesothelioma, occupational deafness, pulmonary disease and silicosis.

If the personal injury is the result of another person’s negligence, the injured party can be eligible for compensation including medical expenses, lost wages and other costs associated with the injuries. Damages are often available for pain and suffering, which is a legal term used to describe the physical and emotional stress caused from an injury. Pain and suffering damages include compensation for physical pain and mental anguish resulting from the injury.

Personal injury lawsuits can be complex and require the expertise of an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer. If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, you should contact the Law Offices of Lilly, O’Toole & Brown, LLP at (863) 683-1111. We can advise you on your legal options.