Lee County Boy Hit by Pizza Delivery Man

A Florida car accident involving a pizza delivery vehicle ends with a young boy being sent to a nearby Tampa hospital. The incident took place at approximately 8:00 PM on Saturday evening, October 24, 2009.

The Lee County incident occurred in Leigh Acres near the intersection of Leonard Boulevard and Gunnery Road when the three-year-old victim, Cassidy Sandoval, was attempting to cross the street. That is when the pizza delivery man, Matthew Warlick, 50, hit the child with his car.

Warlick explained that on the night of the incident he was looking towards one side of the street where a party involving children was taking place. He was focused in that direction in case one of those children ran out into the street. That is when Cassidy ran in front of his car from the other side. Warlick reported that the only thing he could do was slam on his brakes.

According to an unidentified witness, it did not appear that Warlick was speeding.

Rescue workers transported the Florida child to Lee Memorial Hospital where he was listed in critical condition. He was later transferred to Tampa General and was upgraded to serious condition.

Charges will not be filed against Warlick, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.