Man wearing a suit with a superhero shirt underneath with a heart beat image on it

Medical Heroes Have Always Been There

Immediately following 9/11, our country discovered a new appreciation for law enforcement and firefighters who risk their lives every day. The thought of them rushing toward and into the Twin Towers to save lives, without regard to their own safety, made us understand how valuable they are to our protection and wellbeing. Learning of them paying the ultimate sacrifice saddened us all.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has reached our country, we have realized that medical professionals providing care to those stricken are heroes too. They are working with little rest, a shortage of personal protective equipment, as well as opinions of some who think the virus is a hoax to save lives. Many have died as a result of being infected with the disease they are treating the patients for. It is nice to see the signs and banners at hospitals, clinics and medical offices proudly proclaiming “Heroes Work Here!” The irony is the medical heroes have always been there.

At birth experts care for premature and sick children in neonatology units. Ask any parent whose child has spent time there who their heroes are. When someone is traumatically injured, heroes in the form of ambulance, emergency room, trauma unit and operating room personnel heroically save lives every day. In my prior law enforcement career, I spend many hours in the emergency room personally witnessing their efforts. Doctors, nurses and researchers at cancer hospitals fight to conquer the many forms of that disease so others may live. Hospice caregivers provide support and comfort to patients in their final days.

We seem to have been taking medical professionals for granted. We only appreciated them when we or loved ones are in need. They work long hours providing care that most either can not or do not want to. After this pandemic is over, please try to remember those in the medical field that fought so hard to save lives, and will continue to be there for all of us.

Clients of Lilly and Brown, LLP rely on medical professionals to help recover from their injuries. Our firm will always appreciate and support their efforts.

Mark Myers, Investigator
Lilly & Brown, LLP
Lakeland, Florida