Road Rage Results in Orlando Car Accident

A woman was hit and killed along Goldenrod Road in Orange County. The tragic Orlando car accident took place at approximately 3:00 AM. According to police, the car that hit her fled the accident scene.

Twenty-four-year-old Monica Salana was driving on Goldenrod Road when she stopped her car in the middle of the road. She had been arguing with the occupants of a black Nissan Altima and stopped the vehicle to confront them.

According to Orange County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Rick Luckey, when she stopped on the road, she was struck by the other car. He said, “Based on the information we have right now, it doesn’t appear to be an accident. It appears to be an intentional act.”

Firefighters who responded to the accident scene were not able to revive Salana.

Police are searching for the black Nissan Altima that was involved in the deadly car accident.