Documenting Your Central Florida Truck Accident

Florida is a no-fault state for auto accidents, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore documenting the scene of your Central Florida truck accident.

Injuries or damages that are severe enough can allow you to file a personal injury claim to recover damages from your truck accident.

As soon as you are able to safely move around the accident scene (or ask for the assistance of a bystander if you are unable to), start taking photographs of the area. Make sure to capture the conditions of the vehicles, your injuries, injuries of your passengers, damaged physical property, and the conditions of the area (weather, heavy traffic, etc).

Not only will photographs provide great physical evidence of the accident, but they will help jog your memory later when asked to recall details of the truck accident.

Physical evidence goes further than pictures. Make sure you keep any torn or soiled clothing as evidence of your injuries, as well as damaged personal items within the vehicle. Any debris from your vehicle should be kept together at the scene as well.

Documenting the scene, including a record of all your damages, property and body, is a good way to make sure you accurately preserve the details of your truck accident and are able to factually recall them when you needed at a later date.

There are several other initial steps you should take immediately following a Central Florida truck accident. Read our article, What to do After a Truck Accident in Central Floridato learn all you should do, including contacting an experienced Central Florida truck accident attorney.