Florida Road Worker Killed by Dump Truck

Florida Road Worker Killed by Dump Truck

In December 2009, a road worker on the Florida Turnpike was killed after being hit by a dump truck on a construction site. The truck accident occurred in Fort Lauderdale near the Commercial Boulevard exit, while the 64-year-old man, of Florida, was working to widen the road. According to police reports, the man was standing behind the dump truck at around 3 a.m. when the truck backed over him.

An investigation has showed that the dump truck’s back-up alarm was in working order when the accident occurred, and that alcohol was not a factor. The driver of the truck was a co-worker of the victim. Overnight projects such as this are recognized hazards, putting workers at risk of injury or death because of a lack of visibility. There is also the hazard of motor vehicles that may swerve onto the construction site.

Unfortunately, accidents with commercial trucks are more common than you may realize. If you have been injured because of a trucking company’s negligence, you may be able to recover damages in a Florida truck accident lawsuit. The first step to filing a truck accident claim is to call a Florida personal injury attorney.

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