How To File a Sinkhole Claim in Florida

In Florida, sinkholes can appear when water erodes the limestone beneath the Earth’s surface. And when a sinkhole occurs, it can cause a great deal of damage to your personal property. Recently, the Tampa area has been experiencing an unusual number of Florida sinkholes, including one that caused the evacuation of an entire apartment building.

If your home or personal property has been damaged by a sinkhole, you may be eligible for compensation in a Tampa sinkhole damage claim . To find out if you are eligible, you can get the professional advice of a Tampa sinkhole damage attorney.

There are several signs that there may be a sinkhole on your property. These signs include:

How Can I Tell If There Is a Sinkhole On My Property?

  • Cracks in the exterior walls of your home;
  • Cracks in your driveway, ceilings or floors;
  • Depressions in the property surrounding your home;
  • Abnormally slumping trees or fence posts; and/or
  • The sudden formation of small ponds.

If you suspect a sinkhole on your property, you need to call your homeowner’s insurance provider right away. An adjuster will come to view your property, and examine the extent of the damage.

To determine whether there is a sinkhole, your insurer will have to send an expert to perform geological tests. These tests may include radar technology, and drilling to collect solid samples from beneath the earth. This testing process may take days or weeks, but it is a necessary part of the Tampa sinkhole damage claim process.

Recovering Money in a Tampa Sinkhole Damage Claim

If it is determined that there is in fact a sinkhole on your property, your insurer must cover the damage that was caused by the Florida sinkhole. An insurance adjuster will be sent to estimate the value of your claim. You may recover money for:

  • The costs of repairs;
  • Loss of property use and personal items;
  • Depreciation of you property value; and
  • Relocation costs.

However, an insurance adjuster may underestimate the value of your Tampa sinkhole damage claim. In this case, you may want to get the help of a sinkhole damage attorney. An attorney can also estimate the value of your Tampa sinkhole damage claim, and may do what it takes to get your insurer to pay you the money you deserve. If your insurer does not want to pay the full value of your claim, you may need to file a Tampa sinkhole damage claim lawsuit.

If you have suffered property damage or loss in a Tampa sinkhole accident, it would be in your best interest to contact an experienced Tampa sinkhole damage attorney who can help you to fight for the compensation to which you may be entitled. Call now to schedule a FREE evaluation of your case 1-863-683-1111.