Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim After a Tampa Hurricane

According to forecasters, 2010 is supposed to be a very active hurricane season. In fact, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the season has “the potential of being one of the more active on record.” To protect yourself against a Tampa hurricane, you should have the right type of homeowner’s insurance.

When a hurricane has caused damage to your home and you are unsure of whether your insurance company is providing you with the compensation you deserve, it may be time to enlist the help of a Florida hurricane damage attorney.

If You Already Have Tampa Hurricane Coverage

If you already have the necessary Tampa hurricane insurance coverage, you should know what to do in case you need to file a damage claim. Steps that you should take after a Tampa hurricane include:

  • Make sure that everyone is OK. If someone is injured, immediately call for medical attention. If a victim is seriously injured and he or she is not in danger by staying put, do not attempt to move the person as this can worsen a neck or spinal injury.
  • Document the damage to your property. If you can, take photographs, and gather any receipts that might show the value of damaged items. You can submit these receipts to your insurer in your Tampa hurricane damage claim.
  • Do what you can to mitigate the damage. For instance, if there is a leaky pipe, you must try to stop the leak from further damaging your property. If you do not attempt to mitigate the damage, your insurance provider may deny your Tampa hurricane damage claim altogether.
  • Call your Tampa homeowner’s insurance provider. If you have a different provider for flood insurance, you may need to call them as well. Your insurer(s) will assign an adjuster to estimate the value of your claim.

In a Tampa hurricane damage claim you may receive compensation for damages such as:

  • Property damage caused by hurricane winds or floods;
  • The costs of relocation; and
  • A loss of property value.

Be Careful of Claims Adjusters

When you file a Tampa hurricane damage claim, be aware that an adjuster may try to lowball your estimate. In fact, it is the adjuster’s job to get you to accept as little money as possible. If you feel that you are not being offered the money that you deserve, you can get the help of a Tampa hurricane damage attorney. An attorney can investigate your case, and negotiate with your claims adjuster.

If your insurer won’t pay you the money you deserve, your attorney can file a Florida hurricane damage claims lawsuit.

Recovering Money in a Tampa Hurricane Damage Claim

If you have suffered property damage or loss in a Tampa hurricane, it would be in your best interest to contact an experienced Tampa hurricane damage attorney who can help you fight for the compensation to which you may be entitled. Call now to schedule a FREE evaluation of your case 1-863-683-1111.