Ft Meyers Dealership Steps Up To the Plate Following Toyota Recall

You practically can’t open the newspaper and not see an article about the issues that Toyota is having with many of its models. Recently, the auto manufacturer giant has recalled over a million of its vehicles to fix sticky gas pedals and loose floor mats. As many as a dozen deaths have been linked to these issues since 1999.

The Southwest Florida Toyota dealership has stepped up to the plate to assist consumers. The dealership recently issued a warning to local drivers who own one of these recalled vehicles urging them to check their floor mats.

They have indicated that when a floor mat bunches up or did not come with the car, it can lead to the gas pedal becoming stuck and potentially lead to a Florida car accident. They recommend that you use special clips designed to secure the model issued floor mats to the floorboard.

Also, the dealership issued a statement announcing that their service department will remain open 24/7 to repair gas pedal problems for recalled models.

If you own a Toyota, you should immediately check with the manufacturer to determine if you vehicle has been recalled. If it has, then you should take your car in immediately to have the problem fixed. It could be a matter of life and death.

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