Pedestrian Killed in Plant City Car Accident

A car accident in Plant City leaves a pedestrian dead after he attempts to rescue his dog that was struck by a car on State Route 60. The incident took place at approximately 7:00 PM on Friday evening, January 15, 2010, outside of a convenience store.

According to reports, John Christopher Morgan, 22, of Lakeland, was purchasing beer at a Plant City convenience store when his dog jumped out of his car and ran onto State Route 60. According to Morgan’s friend, Jason Braden, the man was struck by a bus when he ran onto the road to retrieve his pitbull-mix dog named Pup after the dog was struck by a car.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Morgan was pronounced dead at the scene due to injuries sustained in the accident. There were no other injuries reported.

“I knew him long enough to know he saw the bus coming,” said Braden. “He would take the hit, but it was worth it for him for that dog. That dog was all he had.”

Police have not charged the bus driver, James R. Borgiet, 60, of West Palm Beach, in the accident.

The fatal Plant City pedestrian accident is still under investigation by local authorities.