Addressing Your Medical Costs After a Florida Truck Accident

The injuries that accompany a truck accident are often severe and potentially disabling, if not fatal. It’s not unusual for a victim of a Florida truck accident to experience broken bones, head trauma, spinal injuries, disfigurement or even paralysis.

With serious injuries come serious medical expenses and the costs of treating a severe injury can quickly exceed the limits of your own auto insurance coverage. This is particularly frightening when it becomes obvious that your injuries are not a “temporary” problem and that you are likely to need some type of medical treatment for the foreseeable future.

If a trucking company or truck driver’s negligence caused your crash and your injuries will require lifelong treatment, you should not be responsible for those costs. Thankfully, federal regulations stipulate that trucking companies must carry at least $750,000 in liability insurance. That amount increases to $5 million if the truck carries hazardous material.

Because these insurance amounts will impact your settlement, it is important that you and your Florida truck accident lawyer take the time to identify every liable party involved in your crash.

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Contacting a Florida Truck Accident Lawyer

A Florida truck accident lawyer will be able to examine all elements of your accident to determine which party or parties are liable for your injuries. This important step has the potential to turn an insufficient claim that barely covers your hospital bills into a more substantial settlement that can address your current and future medical needs.

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