Addressing Other Expenses in Your Florida Truck Accident Claim

Adjusting to life after a serious Florida truck accident is no small feat. If you suffered severe trauma, such as a spinal injury, there is a good chance that life will not return exactly to the way it was before the crash occurred. While there may be some challenges that are inevitable as you cope with your life-changing injury, paying for the necessary adjustments should not be your responsibility, particularly if someone else’s negligence caused your crash.

In the course of your truck accident claim, your Central Florida truck accident lawyer may talk to you about the issue of “other” expenses to factor into your settlement. While most people think of injury claim damages as including medical bills, property damage and lost wages, there are other financial factors to consider, particularly when an injury leaves you permanently disabled:

  • The cost to outfit your home with a wheelchair ramp and other accessibility features;
  • Transportation costs, either for a specially-outfitted vehicle or a driving service;
  • Medical assistive devices such as walkers, prosthetics, canes and wheelchairs;
  • Physical therapy;
  • A cost differential if you can no longer work your previous job and your new job pays significantly less; and
  • In-home healthcare or assisted living costs.

These are just some of the immediate and long-term “other” financial costs of a severe truck accident injury. A Central Florida truck accident lawyer will build a claim that fully addresses all of your financial needs.

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