Compensation Available in A Florida Truck Accident

As anyone who has experienced an unexpected medical emergency knows, hospital and doctor bills can quickly mount and spiral out of control. If you have experienced a life-changing injury-such as a ruptured disk or amputation-in a Florida truck accident and you are facing escalating medical bills, you may be wondering how to begin addressing the financial concerns that you and your family now face.

If the truck accident was caused because of truck driver negligence or because of negligent actions by the trucking company, you should not be responsible for your medical bills. In cases where a Florida truck accident lawyer can demonstrate another party’s fault, you may be able to fight for compensation in a truck accident claim.

Damages Available in a Florida Truck Accident Claim

Because the injuries that accompany a truck accident are typically catastrophic, or even fatal, it is critical that you explore your legal options for full compensation. Never sign a settlement offer from a trucking company or insurance company without first consulting your Florida truck accident lawyer. You want to ensure that your settlement will fully address all of your past, present and future needs relating to your truck accident. When a fair settlement can’t be reached, it may be time to consider pursuing a truck accident injury lawsuit.

Damages available through a Florida truck accident claim may include:

  • Medical expenses (past, present and future);
  • Lost income from the time of your accident until you are able to return to work;
  • Compensation for permanent disability;
  • Pain and suffering, both for physical pain and emotional distress; and
  • Expenses related to your injury, such as having to furnish your house with a wheelchair ramp or compensating for a loss of earning potential if you are unable to return to your previous line of employment.

In cases of extreme neglect or especially egregious conduct-such as drunk driving or a truck mechanic who knowingly uses faulty parts in an effort to save money- you may be able to collect punitive damages. Your Florida truck accident lawyer will be able to give you a better sense of the types of damages you can collect based on the exact circumstances of your accident and the nature of your injuries.

How a Florida Truck Accident Lawyer Will Help Your Claim

In order to receive the maximum settlement in a Florida truck accident claim, you will need to provide extensive evidence of negligence on behalf of another party, while also providing convincing evidence of the severity of your injuries. Your truck crash attorney will help you to gather pertinent accident reports, trucking company records, insurance information and the necessary medical records. They will also guide you in how to deal with the insurance companies after a truck crash.

A Florida truck accident lawyer at Lilly, O’Toole & Brown can help you sort through the often overwhelming issues that may present themselves in the course of a truck accident claim. We are committed to protecting your best interests and helping you collect the damages you and your family need and deserve to move on with your lives. Contact our firm today to schedule your consultation; 863-533-5525.