New Sinkhole Appears Near Orlando International Airport

June 16, 2010 – Orlando, Fla. – A new sinkhole has opened in Orlando, near Orlando International Airport.

Channel 13 News reports the 8-foot by 15-foot sinkhole, which opened Sunday, has not affected traffic flow or caused property damage, but has impeded access to mailboxes at a nearby post office.

Florida sinkholes are naturally occurring geographic features. Unfortunately, Florida sinkholes can wreck havoc on a residential home or commercial business by destroying structures and causing $1,000s in damages.

Some signs of Florida sinkhole activity include:

  • Cracks in the interior walls, windows and/or doors, or signs that the walls are separating from the ceiling;
  • Cracks in your home’s exterior walls;
  • “New” indentations or uneven patches in your lawn;
  • Cracking in your driveway, sidewalks and/or parking lot;
  • Doors and windows do not open and close as they should;
  • Reports of Florida sinkhole activity or damage in your surrounding neighborhood; and
  • Grass or plants in your yard appear to be dying or wilting in a circular pattern.

Sinkholes are common in Orlando and other parts of Central Florida. If you suspect that there might be a sinkhole on your commercial or residential property, it is critical that you act quickly to address the problem.

Contact your homeowners insurance company to report the suspected sinkhole activity and make arrangements for an adjuster to come to your home to address the issue as soon as possible. Florida law dictates that homeowners insurers investigate all sinkhole activity and engage the services of an engineering firm to assess the geographical situation.

If you have suffered property damage because of a Florida sinkhole and your insurance company is not offering you a fair settlement for your damages, an Orlando sinkhole claims attorney from Lilly, O’Toole & Brown can help you to advocate for just compensation. Contact our firm today to schedule your consultation; 863-533-5525.