Filing for Wrongful Death After a Florida Truck Accident

Anyone who drives on Florida highways knows that big trucks are a constant presence, with a seemingly endless stream of 18-wheelers and massive tractor-trailers that share the road with passenger vehicles. These oversized vehicles can be intimidating to any automobile driver, but for motorists who have been involved in a Central Florida truck accident, the consequences are often fatal.

If you or someone you love has been killed in a truck accident in Central Florida that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to damages through filing a Florida wrongful death action.

What is a Florida wrongful death action?

A Florida wrongful death action gives you the right to sue an individual or business for causing a family member’s death. In cases of fatal truck accidents involving an at-fault truck driver or negligent trucking company, you may be able to collect compensation from one or more parties. By filing a Florida wrongful death claim, you can take legal action to recover damages that were suffered because of the accident.

What damages can be recovered in a Florida wrongful death action?

In a wrongful death action after a Florida truck accident, you can seek to recover compensation for damages including:

  • The loss of income and benefits that would have otherwise been realized by the deceased
  • The loss of services, such as (but not limited to) child care, shopping, transportation, and home maintenance
  • The loss of spousal companionship, protection, parental guidance and instruction
  • Any pain and suffering that was caused to the victim before passing as well as towards the survivors
  • Any medical and funeral expenses incurred as a result of the truck accident

While the the value of medical bills, funeral expenses, and other costs which include a receipt are fairly straightforward, non-econmic damages such as emotional pain and loss of compansionship, etc. must be valued and supported in court. To do so you may need the expertise of a Florida wrongful death lawyer. An experienced lawyer can investigate your case, estimate the value of your claim, and help you build a winning case to get the money that your family deserves.

The Central Florida wrongful death attorneys at Lilly, O’Toole & Brown understand the complexities involved in a wrongful death lawsuit resulting from a fatal truck accident in Florida. We are committed to protecting your best interests and helping you collect the damages you and your family need and deserve to move on with your lives. Contact our firm today to schedule your consultation; (863) 533-5525.