How To File a Florida Wrongful Death Lawsuit After a Car Accident

If someone you love has died in a Florida car accident caused by another person’s negligence you have a right to file for damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. To do so, you will need the expertise of a Florida wrongful death attorney.

An attorney will investigate your case, file the necessary paperwork, and represent you to the best of their abilities. If a settlement is possible, then your attorney will professionally negotiate your terms. If your case goes to trial, your Florida wrongful death attorney will represent you in a court of law.

How do I choose a Florida wrongful death attorney?

Choosing the right wrongful death attorney may be the most important step in winning your wrongful death claim. First, you will want to make sure that your attorney has won similar cases in court. When interviewing a Florida wrongful death attorney, ask them exactly who in their firm will represent you. You do not want your case passed on to someone who is young and inexperienced.

Secondly, try to find an attorney that you get along with, and who is sympathetic to your case. When there is mutual respect in the client/attorney relationship you can make a better team.

Why should I file a Florida wrongful death claim?

The purpose of filing a Florida wrongful death claim is to recover money for the damages you’ve incurred through your loss. These may include any medical or funeral expenses that were suffered as a result of the accident. You may also be compensated for damages such as:

  • The victim’s loss of future earnings and benefits
  • The loss of support and services, including transportation (driving the children to school), shopping, family care, and general household chores
  • The loss of protection and companionship
  • Any mental pain or suffering that was caused by the sudden loss

Florida Statute of Limitations

Under Florida law, a Florida wrongful death claim must be filed within 2 years of the car accident. It is in your best interest to contact a Florida wrongful death attorney as soon as you are able, in order to file within the Florida Statute of Limitations.

The Central Florida wrongful death attorneys at Lilly, O’Toole & Brown understand the complexities involved in a wrongful death lawsuit. We are committed to protecting your best interests and helping you collect the damages you and your family need and deserve to move on with your lives. Contact our firm today to schedule your consultation; (863) 533-5525.