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Top 10 Florida Counties for Fatal Accidents

Central Florida’s Orange and Polk counties rank among the top 10 Florida counties for fatal accidents. If you have lost a loved one because of the negligence of another, a Central Florida accident lawyer will take the time to evaluate your case and help you file a wrongful death claim.

Top 10 Florida Counties for Fatal Accidents

According to the 2009 Florida crash statistics, the top 10 Florida counties for fatal accidents include:

  • Miami-Dade County - 259 fatal accidents.
  • Broward County - 189 fatal accidents.
  • Palm Beach Country - 151fatal accidents.
  • Hillsborough County - 141 fatal accidents.
  • Orange County - 141 fatal accidents.
  • Duval County - 114 fatal accidents.
  • Pinellas County - 104 fatal accidents.
  • Polk County - 94 fatal accidents.
  • Volusia County - 94 fatal accidents.
  • Lee County - 80 fatal accidents.

The trend indicates that Miami-Dade County has been the county with the highest number of fatalities since 2005. At the same time, the number of fatalities in Miami-Dade County has also steadily declined since 2005.

While 2009 Florida crash statistics can reveal patterns, they don’t predict whether you will be an actual victim in a Florida accident. If you have been injured in an accident in Florida, contact a Central Florida accident lawyer today.

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