Taking Inventory After a Florida Hurricane

The state of Florida is famed for its beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine which serve as an attraction for tourists throughout the year. Nonetheless, Florida residents know that hurricane season brings an entirely different scene in which homes and properties may be potentially destroyed.

Every year, insurance companies compensate Florida residents thousands of dollars for hurricane damages done to their homes and properties. However, filing a Florida hurricane insurance claim is nothing like a stroll on the beach.

In order to expedite the insurance claims process with your insurer, an experienced Florida insurance attorney can advise you on how to take the necessary steps to document hurricane damages in the form of an inventory.

After a Florida hurricane, it is important that you conduct a careful inspection of your property for hurricane damages. You should inspect both the inside and outside of your home and keep a running inventory of the damage.

A typical inventory for Florida hurricane damage will include the following:

  • a clear description of any missing/damaged items;
  • estimated prices for damaged items and the product description;
  • receipts for repairs;
  • list of damaged items you’ve discarded (due to health risk and danger); and
  • any available receipts related to the damaged items.

An inventory is useful because it is a detailed notation of all the damaged items, which helps to give you a better idea of what you’ve really lost. An inventory also serves as a valuable resource in determining the value of your Florida hurricane damage claim. There are also other vital steps to take when inspecting your home’s damage after a Florida hurricane, including contacting the proper insurance agencies and obtaining the help of a Florida hurricane insurance attorney.

Contacting a Florida Hurricane Insurance Attorney

A Florida hurricane can cause thousands of dollars in hurricane damage. If your home has been damaged as a result of a Florida hurricane, you may want to consider filing a Florida hurricane insurance claim to recover damages. An experienced insurance attorney can advise you on how to do an inventory of the damages and negotiate with your insurer in the effort to reach a fair settlement. Call now to schedule a no cost evaluation of your case 863-533-5525.