Fisher Price Issues Recall of 10 Million Dangerous Toys

September 30, 2010 - Fisher-Price issued a recall of 10 million dangerous toys and children’s products on Sept. 30 because of choking hazards and other risks.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that approximately 2.8 million baby play areas have been recalled because one component, an inflatable ball, poses a choking hazard from a faulty valve. The dangerous toy recall includes products in Canada, where 125,000 of the baby play areas have been recalled.

The dangerous toy recall came after 46 reports of the defective valve in the United States and 8 reports from Canada. In 14 instances, the valve was found in a child’s mouth, and in 3 cases, children had begun to choke on the valve. So far, no child injuries have resulted.

In addition, Fisher-Price has recalled some of the following items:

  • Tricycles - 7 million have been recalled because of a risk for cuts. Approximately 10 reports of cuts surfaced. Of those, 6 children needed medical attention.
  • Small car toys - Approximately 120,000 have been recalled, as a result of defective wheels which detach and pose a choking hazard.
  • High chairs - Fisher-Price recalled 1 million high chairs because of 14 reports of children sustaining cuts to the arms and legs.

According to reports from Chicago Breaking Business, the dangerous toy recall is the largest in more than 2 years, since Congress granted more power to product safety regulators such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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