Huge Sinkhole Problem in Marion County Florida

September 15, 2010 – Marion County, Fla. – Residents of a Fore Ranch, Florida neighborhood are dealing with a 20-foot-deep sinkhole that caved in at the end of August. reports that the sinkhole has increased from 28 feet to 50 feet in width since residents discovered it in August.

Although the sinkhole has been estimated to fit about 5 cars, Ocala’s assistant city manager, Bruce Phillips, has described it as “a day-to-day activity,” and said sinkholes are a somewhat normal occurrence in the area.

Phillips attributed the cause of the sudden sinkhole to intermittent rainfall throughout August. The city has proposed to solve the problem by digging the hole a bit further and filling it with clay. There are still no estimates as to how much the project will cost, but the city is expected to split the cost with the Fore Ranch Subdivision Management.

An entire area near the sinkhole site was blocked off for safety reasons, but the city hasn’t made any schedule to survey the grounds of surrounding homes. The city is expecting to resolve the problem within the month.

Throughout the years, sudden sinkholes have become known to break open in Marion County, thus Marion County residents also become highly vulnerable for sinkhole damage.

Residents have complained about the inconvenience the sinkhole has caused, saying they have to drive around it or find alternative routes.

Sinkholes are typically formed when groundwater seeps through the earth and dissolves limestone rocks, which cause the weight of the ground above to cave in. In Marion County, lime rock is typically closer to the surface of the ground, increasing the incidence of sinkholes.

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