Orange County Florida Deputies Kill an Unarmed Man

September 16, 2010 – Orange County, Fla. – Nine deputies in Orange County are expected to appear in court this month to explain their actions to a grand jury after the death of a suspected car thief at a Pine Hills apartment complex in January.

According to reports from, the deputies claimed that 27-year-old Torey Breedlove attempted to run them over with an SUV he was driving, which forced them to retaliate with gunshots.

Breedlove, who was unarmed, was killed at the scene of the incident. The deputies’ main defense is that they felt threatened because Breedlove was using the vehicle as a deadly weapon.

The case has already been presented to a grand jury at 2 hearings, but has been pushed back as a result of legal technicalities and other delays.

Nearly 100 shots were aimed at Breedlove outside the Alta Westgate apartments, investigators confirmed.

Residents in the Orlando community have since expressed their anger, saying that the death was unwarranted because Breedlove was not carrying a weapon.

The deputies said that Breedlove was being investigated for a number of thefts and burglaries before the incident, and that he has a long criminal record. Residents, however, criticized the deputies for the amount of force used in the man’s death, especially considering the incident occurred in a residential area.

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