Getting Help Florida Dog Bite Lawyer

There are times when a Florida dog bite lawyer will be a valuable partner. Anyone who has been hurt by a dog will want to talk to a legal professional who has experience in this area. There are particular conditions that apply and the exact circumstances will make a difference to how they handle the case. Protecting the rights of dog bite victims in Florida is a key way to keep communities safe and promoting responsible pet ownership.

• “ One Free Bite Rule” Not Applicable :

The old common law rule that the victim of a dog bite must prove the dog owner knew their dog was vicious and had already bitten someone, does NOT apply in Florida. So those who have been bitten should not hesitate to call a lawyer. Some people are not sure they have a case since the dog has never bitten anyone and decide not to report the incident. They could be giving up substantial compensation for injuries in these cases. In addition to medical bills, these can include lost wages, mental distress, future lost wages, disability, and pain and suffering. Since there is a lot at stake, it is crucial to contact a legal professional who has experience with these cases.

Bad Dog Signs, Leash Laws and Verbal Control

Owners who are negligent in controlling their dogs, either verbally or with a leash, will be liable for bites. So too may property owners or those who allowed the dog on their property. Most localities have leash laws that require pet owners to control their dog. Those who let them run free are responsible for any damage or injuries the dog causes. However, an owner may limit his or her liability for such an incident by “displaying in a prominent place on his or her property a sign…including the words “Bad Dog”.

While owners are required to keep their dogs under control, victims who are negligent or violate the law, by trespassing for example, are not protected by the law. In nearly every other case, when the victim is not negligent or in violation of the law, a Florida dog bite lawyer will be able to obtain compensation for dog bite victim. This is because Florida law holds dog owners strictly liable for the damage (any damage, not just bites) caused by their dogs.

As you can see, there are various several issues to consider in dog bite cases. It is better to get good advice from an experienced attorney than to suffer needlessly.

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