Frequently Asked Questions – Car Accidents

Helpful Answers from Car Accident Lawyers in Lakeland

After being in a devastating car accident that was not your fault, you will undoubtedly have plenty of questions. Getting them answered, and knowing that they are being answered correctly, could be essential in any lawsuits you file against the negligent driver.

Be sure to check out our car accident FAQs below, or contact our Lakeland personal injury lawyers at Lilly & Brown, LLP today for more information.

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What causes most car accidents?

Driver negligent is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to the direct cause of car accidents. As more cellphones get into peoples’ hands, this statistic seems to be rising. Drunk driving also causes thousands of collisions every year.

How is liability proven in a car accident case?

You will have to collect ample evidence at the scene of the accident, if possible. Photographs, eyewitness testimony, police and medical reports, and more can all bolster your argument and prove that liability falls in the hand of another. Support your claims with a car accident lawyer.

Do I need to call the police after a car accident?

If there is any signs of great damage or physical injury after a car accident, Florida State residents are supposed to contact the authorities as soon as they can. This is to ensure no illegal activity led to the crash, that everyone is safe and sound, and that other traffic is diverted from the scene.

Is the front car in a rear-end accident always liable?

Not necessarily. There are certain actions a driver can take that place liability on them, even if someone crashes into their back bumper. Always let a professional car accident attorney study your case to determine where liability might lie.

Do I need to share my medical records with the other driver?

No, do not offer up your medical records, or any evidence for that matter, to the other parties. If they want to see your records, tell your attorney and let them handle this complicated legal matter.

How long do I have to file my claim?

Florida State law sets a statute of limitations of four years for pursuing damages after being hurt in a car accident. Typically, the sooner you file, the better, as the evidence you can use to your advantage will be “fresh.”

I feel fine after the accident – should I still see a doctor?

It is highly recommended by legal and medical professionals alike to see your doctor after any sort of serious accident. You may have internal injuries that are not apparent on the surface, or that could escalate later if untreated now.

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  • Motorcycle Accident $11,000,000
  • Sick-Building Illnesses $9,500,000
  • Motorcycle Accident $7,000,000
  • Automobile Accident $6,500,000
  • Motorcycle Accident $6,250,000
  • Orthopedic Injury $5,950,000
  • Wrongful Death $5,000,000
  • Drunk Driver Wrongful Death $5,000,000
  • Motorcycle Accident $4,600,000
  • Wrongful Death $3,300,000

    Settlement for the wrongful death of a 49-year-old man struck by a semi-truck and trailer.


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