Man Injured After His Scooter Was Hit By SUV

A man was hit by an SUV while riding his Mobility Express power scooter on southbound U.S. 27 in front of Lakeshore Mall. He was transported by Highlands County Emergency Medical Services to Florida Hospital Heartland for treatment for his injuries.

Ernest Blogett, an 85-year-old man from Sebring, was in his scooter heading northbound in the southbound lane on Friday, said Trooper Dick Miller. Blogett was conscious when he was lifted into the ambulance to be taken to the hospital.

The crash is still under investigation and no charges have been filed at this time.

Disiree Alabe, a 36-year-old woman from Sebring, was driving a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder when she hit Blogett. According to one of Alabe’s friends, she was meeting with some friends at the mall and they were all going for lunch. She pulled her vehicle out from the southernmost mall exit after stopping at the stop sign at U.S. 27 South. Alabe said she just did not see Blogett, as his scooter was lower than her eyesight in her SUV.

Alabe said that she looked left waiting for oncoming traffic and slowly moved forward as she waited for an opening to pull onto U.S. 27. She inched forward again. Alabe said that she looked left then right and started to move toward the road when she struck Blogett’s three-wheeler scooter.

After the accident, Alabe waited in front of the Alan Jay Cadillac dealership for troopers to take her information.

She was not injured in the collision and her Nissan Pathfinder sustained some damage to the bumper. However, the power scooter was damaged in the accident.