Man Killed in Florida Car Accident

Miguel B. Jose was killed in a Florida car accident late evening on State Road 31 in Charlotte County. The Florida Highway Patrol released the name of the 50-year-old Fort Myers resident who was killed when the van he was driving was hit by a pickup truck.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 23-year-old Arcadia resident, Walter S. Bates Jr., was driving northbound on State Road 31 north of Cook Brown Road when he tried to pass a vehicle that was directly in front of him and crashed head on into Jose’s vehicle. Jose was traveling southbound on State Road 31 at the time of the collision. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Seven other people were taken to area hospitals due to the car accident. Diego S. Ordonez, a 38-year-old Fort Myers resident, was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital with critical injuries. Domingo Lopez, 45, Angela Barrious, 33, Cadelaria Lopez Domingo,41, all from Fort Myers, were also transported to Lee Memorial Hospital with serious injuries.

Romeo Cifuences, 28, and Macelino Deleon, 58, both from Fort Myers, were transported to Gulf Coast Hospital with serious injuries, and Eduardo Lopez, a 27-year-old Fort Myers resident, was transported to Charlotte Regional with serious injuries.

Bates sustained only minor injuries in the car accident in Florida.