Florida Residents Suffering From Chinese Drywall

According to Contact Five Investigators, there have been thousands of claims of homeowners who have been suffering from tainted drywall in their homes. State and federal agencies have been looking into the problem, but some people believe that more needs to be done.

Brian Eisenberg, a Boynton Beach resident, said that he and his wife started to notice a sulfur smell in their brand new home and later found corrosion on wiring throughout the home. They have had to replace their air conditioner three times in the last two years. Eisenberg has become concerned about the health of his young daughter.

Eisenberg joins thousands of families in Florida and across the country in this concern over tainted drywall from China. According to a preliminary report by Florida’s Department of Health, the agency has confirmed the affected drywall is releasing a sulfur compound into the air. However, the agency did not state that the problem is a health threat for homeowners.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson wants action to be taken regarding the Chinese drywall, as it is affecting 30,000 to 40,000 Florida residents.

A new chief has been nominated by the White house to lead the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Senator believes that this nomination is good news, as he has criticized the CPSC for acting too slowly on the drywall investigation.

Eisenberg has moved his family out of their home and now wonders about his options.