Man Killed On I 95 Roadside by Tractor Trailer

Traffic on Interstate 95 near Cocoa, Florida was worse than usual the morning of April 14, 2010, when a small collision led to devastating consequences. WKMG reports that Anthony Kosut, 48, of Palm Bay was exiting his car on the side of northbound I-95 in response to his collision with a Brevard County road & bridges vehicle.

As Kosut exited his car, a tractor-trailer truck traveling northbound struck and killed him. He was pronounced dead on the scene from injuries suffered in the fatal truck accident. Investigators closed I-95 for nearly 2 hours as they took measurements and photographs of the crash.

The county worker who was driving the other vehicle involved in Kosut’s initial accident had pulled over and reported his collision. After witnessing the tractor-trailer strike Kosut, he contacted authorities again to report that the fatal truck accident has occurred. Neither the county worker nor the truck driver were injured in the I-95 truck accident.

Officials say no charges will be filed in this tragic case.