An Update On the Tampa Sinkhole

Earlier this summer, a car that was parked near the University Of South Florida was swallowed by a sinkhole. Now, more than two weeks later, officials are worried that the very same sinkhole will swallow an apartment building.

While the Tampa sinkhole has twice been filled with boulders and tons of sand, it appears to be sinking further. When asked if the Tampa sinkhole is expanding, the local Code Enforcement Director admitted that he just doesn’t know. The property’s management is using ground-penetrating radar to try and answer that very question.

Meanwhile, residents of the endangered building in the Bordeaux Village apartment complex have had to vacate the premises. An attorney for the property said that the sinkhole is showing signs of stress. Naser Ali, who is a tenant just one building away from the vacated building, fears not only for his home and valuables, but for the safety of his family.

If the Tampa sinkhole expands, it could affect the neighboring buildings as well. According to the Red-Cross, most of the people who have been displaced have already found new places to live. If the Tampa sinkhole is stabilized, then engineers will have check the buildings foundation before residents can move back in.

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