Car Swallowed by Parking Lot Sinkhole

July 16, 2010 – Tampa, Florida - One minute it’s there, the next it’s 20 feet down in a sinkhole; this is the story of one Tampa man’s Toyota Camry.

Early July 12, a car parked in the parking lot of Bordeaux Village condominiums, near the University of South Florida, was “swallowed whole” when the ground opened up beneath it. The sinkhole was a large one, about 20 feet wide and equally deep, and growing. reports that a resident at Bordeaux Village, Edwin Williams, says he heard the accident occur. He described hearing “a sound like someone slamming a door,” immediately followed by his power surge protector going off. As soon as the lights went out, he knew something was wrong.

Williams said he then went to his window, to see that his neighbor’s car had disappeared. Upon going outside, he found his neighbor, who explained what had happened.

“He showed me the car and said a big, black depression occurred,” Williams said, “and his car had gone down with the back wheel resting on the wrong side.”

The sinkhole was still growing when emergency personnel arrived. The condominiums were promptly evacuated. Nearly a dozen families have now been told they cannot return to their homes until the sinkhole has stabilized. Currently, 4 of these families are receiving emergency assistance from the Red Cross.

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